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Justice in the Classroom | Rule of Law & John Marshall

5 Chapter Five:
Marshall on the Constitution and Country


(1831 - 1835) The Supreme Court, led by John Marshall, further develops the concepts of equal justice, limited government and the enforcement of legal contracts.

High School: 2015 Standards

USI.8c American Indian Removal Act, Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, Trail of Tears
VUS.6a Trail of Tears
GOVT.10e Investigating and Evaluating How the Judiciary Influences Public Policy by Delineating the Power of Government and Safeguarding the Rights of the Individual
GOVT.7b Checks & balances of judicial branch
GOVT.15b In a free market economy, markets need a backdrop of a rule of law, in which the government enforces contracts and protects property rights, to function well. Individuals enter into agreements (contracts) with one another to buy and sell goods and services. Whether written or oral, these agreements are legally binding and can be enforced within the judicial system established by government. (Dartmouth case)
NSS-USH.5-12.4 Era 4 Expansion & Reform (1801-1861)
Marshall on the Constitution and Country

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Chapter Five - Middle/High School Lesson Plans

As I will be teaching civics for the first time, having cases laid out with diverse lessons and videos, I feel I have a little more confidence and material that I can use.