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Justice in the Classroom | Judicial Systems

Judicial Systems: Federal & Virginia Courts

Justice in the Classroom | Judicial Systems - Federal and Virginia | Federal and Virginia Courts is a lesson on the importance of the federal and Virginia judicial systems and how they function through standards-based curriculum for high school students. The lesson teaches contemporary cases through primary and secondary source documents that illustrate the structures of both the Virginia and federal court systems and how they operate in our dual court system. It also encourages classroom participation through graphic organizers, a gallery walk, use of primary source documents, web-based media, and creative pre- and post-assessments.

High School: 2015 Standards

GOVT.4d Article III of the U.S. Constitution
GOVT.7a United States Court System
GOVT.10a Federal Courts and Jurisdiction
GOVT.8a Virginia Court Systems The judicial branch consists of four levels of courts
GOVT.11a Civil Liberties and the First Amendment
GOVT.11d Limitation of Rights
NSS-C.9-12.3 Principles of Democracy

Judicial Systems: Federal and Virginia - Lesson Plans

Judicial Systems - Lesson Plan Instructional Video

Justice In the Classroom: Instructional Video

Judicial Systems

How do apple juice and orange juice teach “jurisdiction?”

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I like that the lessons are divided into middle and high school and can be used or modified for either one. The curriculum framework is fantastic and engaging!