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Justice in the Classroom | The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law:
Foundations of American Government


Justice in the Classroom | The Rule of Law | Foundations of American Government is a lesson on the concept of the rule of law and how it is an integral part of our governing systems in America. Through this standards-based curriculum, high school students learn the fundamental political principles that define and shape American constitutional government as well as the origin of these principles. Working in groups, students review primary source materials, including the foundational English documents and the U.S. Constitution, for evidence of these principles and present this evidence to classmates.

High School: 2015 Standards

GOVT.2 The student will apply social science skills to understand the political philosophies that shaped the development of Virginia and United States constitutional government by
GOVT.2b Explaining the influence of the Magna Carta, the English Petition of Rights, and the English Bill of Rights.
NSS-C.9-12.1 Civic Life, Politics & Government
NSS-C.9-12.2 Foundations of the Political System
NSS-C.9-12.3 Principles of Democracy

The Rule of Law - Foundations of American Government

Fundamental Ideas & Foundational Documents
Define each of the following fundamental principles (Student Handout)
Evidence in Magna Carta (Student Handout)
Evidence in English Petition of Right (Student Handout)
Evidence in the English Bill of Rights (Student Handout)
Evidence in the US Constitution (Student Handout)
Evidence in the U.S. Bill of Rights (Student Handout)
Foundations of Government - Influential Documents (Student Handout)
Foundations of Government - Influential Documents (Teacher Key)

Fantastic materials and lesson activities/ideas. I look forward to using these ideas in my classroom.