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Justice in the Classroom | Rule of Law & John Marshall

3 Chapter Three:
A Fledgling United States Of America


(1788 – 1800) George Washington is President. The Bill of Rights is adopted. John Marshall is the champion of the XYZ Affair, elected to Congress and appointed Secretary of State.

Middle School: 2015 Standards

USI.7c What major national issues and events did the first five presidents face?
George Washington
Federal court system was established.
The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution of the United States of America.
John Adams
A two-party system emerged during his administration.
NSS-USH.5-12.4 Era 4 Expansion & Reform (1801-1861)
A Fledgling United States Of America

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Chapter Three - Lesson Plans

George Washington’s Presidency
George Washington’s Presidency: Federal Courts & the Bill of Rights (Student Handout)
The First Political Parties
The First Political Parties in America (Student Handout)
The First Political Parties in America: Create a Campaign Flyer or Commercial! (Student Handout)
Today’s Political Parties (Student Handout)

Sorting Out Political Parties - Lesson Plan Instructional Video

Justice In the Classroom: Instructional Video

Sorting Out
Political Parties

Watch students compete in “a throw-down” review of the first political parties.

Fun and prizes never fail!

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