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Justice in the Classroom | Rule of Law & John Marshall

5 Chapter Five:
Marshall on the Constitution and Country

U.S. HISTORY I U.S. History U.S. GOV'T

(1831 - 1835) The Supreme Court, led by John Marshall, further develops the concepts of equal justice, limited government and the enforcement of legal contracts.

Middle School: 2015 Standards

USI.8c American Indian Removal Act, Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, Trail of Tears
VUS.6a Trail of Tears
GOVT.7b Checks & Balances of Judicial Branch
GOVT.10e Investigating and Evaluating How the Judiciary Influences Public Policy by Delineating the Power of Government and Safeguarding the Rights of the Individual
NSS-USH.5-12.4 Era 4 Expansion & Reform (1801-1861)
Marshall on the Constitution and Country

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Chapter Five - Middle/High School Lesson Plans

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