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Justice in the Classroom | The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law: Impeachment


Justice in the Classroom | The Rule of Law | Impeachment is a lesson on the concept of the rule of law and how it is an integral part of our governing systems in America. This standards-based curriculum enables middle school students to learn the fundamental political principles of checks and balances and the rule of law by working in groups to examine primary and secondary sources about impeachment of the president. Students create presentations to teach the class about impeachment and then apply their knowledge to current real-world scenarios by indicating whether or not the scenario rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

Middle School: 2015 Standards

CE.6b Explaining the principle of separation of powers and the operation of checks and balances;
The Congress checks the president when legislators impeach and convict a president.
The Congress checks the courts when legislators impeach and convict judges/justices.
NSS-C.5-8.3, C.9-12.1 Principles of Democracy

The Rule of Law - Impeachment - Middle School

Enjoyed previewing video clips. Easy to use, teacher-friendly website. Nice different activities - quizlets, fun games, etc. Really appreciate the current events connections to the gov’t. Concepts - this is how I teach my class daily!