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Lesson Plans & Videos

Enhancing Teaching through Lesson Plans and Videos

Justice in the Classroom is a series of educational programs designed to enhance the teaching of civics, history, and government for our nation's children and people everywhere. Currently there are three programs available with Virginia Standards of Learning [SOL] lesson plans attached.

Programs include:

  • Justice in the Classroom - Rule of Law and John Marshall
  • Justice in the Classroom - The Rule of Law
  • Justice in the Classroom - Judicial Systems - Federal and Virginia

What Our Lessons Teach

The videos and lesson plans teach how our fledgling democracy in the United States was floundering and nearly failed before John Marshall took on the daunting task of defining what the Constitution, and the judiciary, meant. Justice in the Classroom tells the intriguing story of the acceptance of the rule of law to assure the success of the Constitution and our liberties.

How it Works

Justice in the Classroom is an online slide show presentation tool designed to operate like a PowerPoint. Within each presentation are still slides as well as video segments. Instructions on how to use the presentation are located on the first slide after you press PLAY. Print documents (PDF) of the corresponding Standards and Lesson Plans are attached to each chapter.

Lesson Plans & Videos

America Exploration to Revolution
Chapter One : America Exploration to Revolution
View: Chapter 1
Fight For Our New Constitution
Chapter Two: Fight For Our New Constitution
View: Chapter 2
Fight For Our New Constitution
Chapter Three: A Fledgling United States Of America
View: Chapter 3
Fight For Our New Constitution
Chapter Four: Chief Justice Marshall's Court and Cases
View: Chapter 4
Fight For Our New Constitution
Chapter Five: Marshall on the Constitution and Country
View: Chapter 5
Fight For Our New Constitution
The Rule of Law
View: The Rule of Law
Fight For Our New Constitution
Judicial Systems - Federal & Virginia
View: Judicial Systems

Very detailed explanation of the state judicial branch. Made it easy to understand how judges are elected in the state.